Online picture collection of several playthings, for pleasure and learning.  The name Vulcanalia refers to a festival held at 23th of august in the ancient roman world, in honor of Vulcan, the god of fire, metalworking and the art of sculpture.


Picture of the week: Oak transport case with laser engraving!



Bronze casting

Car restoration

Design and prototyping of an electroosmotic pump with electroless deposited silver/silverchloride electrodes (PDF Paper)

Deposition and Structuring of Ag/AgCl Electrodes inside a closed Polymeric Microfluidic System for Electroosmotic Pumping (PDF poster)

Distillery 'Sumarhusia'

Engineering is Fun, Extra TU work

Hitchhiking to Iran, travel report (in Dutch)

MAHO HM 500c Milling

Surface grinding with the JUNG HF 50 RD

Miscellaneous playthings

Winter in the Pamir, travel report

Small serie production of Polyurethaan Austin Mini stationary air valve housing

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