Small serie production of Polyurethaan Austin Mini stationary air valve housing.

After a chat during classes, the idea developed to produce air valve housings for the Mini. B.v.L. informed me that after a small frontal collision the engine hits the firewall, and the fragile airvalve housing breaks. Several attempts to glue the broken parts resulted only in failure. As the new housing can only be ordered with the actuator the costs of around 200 euro, the replacement is rather costly. A new original housing was cast in silicone, with special alignment cylinders that secured the silicone in the hollow inside. After the mold was cut open, it could be filled with 2 component polyurethaan (Polyservice, Amsterdam), put in a vacuum chamber to removal al air bubbles, and solidified quickly after removal from the chamber. This way around 25 spares were produced, of which i kept the broken original and several failures. The silicone and polyuretaan combination proved to be so detailed that the original mold opening lines and part number where exactly copied to the replica.


1. Broken original. 2. Replica with air bubble 3. Replica with large bubble and shrinkage.