Miscellaneous playthings:

Vacuum Pump

 Silicone rubber and plaster can contain airbubbles, which lead to small holes in the making of casting molds. To suck out these bubbles a vacuum pump was fabricated.


Novabike paintwork

Active friends are always supported! Nick Appelman and his friends from the Novabike team, initiated this TU Delft motor team. I did the paintwork, just for fun. Their machine runs on bioethanol!


Three small peacocks in the garden

The life of an engineer is not only full of machines, distillation and melting...


Inspired by Jules Verne, Robodock and steamengine's, a steam generator was produced. It had no direct use, but was made just fur the fun of constructing. A small gas tank was mounted inside a larger gastank, in such a way that the hot exhaust gasses from the woodfire are directed past the water filled inner tank. A glass pipe was mounted between 2 gas valves, to get an water level readout. The steam produced is fed into an steam/water separator, and from there vented in the air. Note the spring tensioned safety valve, which was made by TIG welding copper and a small piece of rubber as a valve seat.