High Spirit Distillery 'Hugo de Groot'

For a typical late night bar project, this one turned out quite well. Or, at least, this thing really materialised. The actual manufactoring took place in our old hotel at the 'Hugo de Grootstraat'in Delft.


The cattle itself originates from a 10L close in 'Daalderop' boiler, picked up at P.L.'s place. After removing the plastic cover and the isolating foam a beatiful copper cattle came out. The heating coil was removed because of its large dimensions, and replaced with a 1800 Watt element from a cannibalized water cooker, which has the benefit of being much smaller, so the cattle could run with less liquid. The column, which is the 10 cm wide pipe on the top of it, was before a rainpipe (some sort of copper alloy, got it from P.L., never saw before), the nozzle shaped contraction was found in a second hand store and was a ugly drinking can in a former life. The spiral on top is the cooler, which condenses the alcohol. This was a space saving design consisting of to copper pipes, 12mm and 22mm, bended in two turns and fitted inside each other to make it a counter flow heat exchanger. Normally you see these double pipes only strait, or one spiral pipe is used in a cooling bath. The practical problems we encountered fitting the pipes into each other was problably the reason it is not regularly used. The radius has te be prefect in match with the other pipe, which is quite difficult when you use pipes of different diameter and a bending tool which bends a maximum of 90 degrees. To overcome the stiffness of the pipes they where annealed in a oven at the university, lubricated whith olive oil and put together with a moderate amount of patience.

The controller is  a analog controller, comparing the measured temperature with a reference, and thereby adjusting a dimmer. The thing was quite easy to make, and maintaned a stabilty around 1 or 2 Celsius.



For making Calvados, i am still searching for someone with apple trees....  This link contains a possible applegrinder design.

Update Oktober 2009.

As autumn has just begun, the appels hang ripe and are waiting for thirsty process engineers! This applegrinder was constructed after a visit to Mijdert v.d. Berg (metal scrapyard), were we purchased a electromotor and a rvs cutting wheel for less then 15E. After a frame was welded and painted in 2 component Sikkens "traffic white", it looked quite solid. The white Polystyreen  funnel was a lampcover in a former life. We are still searching for more apples as 10kg finally lead to around 1 liter of Calvados. Our new acquaintance, Theo, a 60+ Italian guy, will lend us his 30L winepress. As his wine production yielded some sendiment ("drap" in dutch) he was excited with the view of our distillation apparatus. The sediment can be turned into "Grapa"! We are looking forward to a fruitfull callaboration!

After a short marktplaats-induced trip from the betuwe, we returned with 200kg appels! In collaboration with the guys from Ajeto, it turned out into a hard working but social event. The calvados still has to ripe a couple of years...




More info?  www.sumarhusia.nl